The Forgotten Battle of Vimy Ridge.

I know this blog's title is Napoleonic and Naval History, and this piece will consist of nothing of the sort, but I felt that this post is warranted when I saw this article.

To think that a moment so pivotal in Canadian History is forgotten by a large portion of it's population is disgusting. Vimy was the first battle where all four divisions of the Canadian corps fought together as one. Thus, an image of national unity was created; an important first step on Canada's long road to full independence.

While not the costliest battle of the war (only 3598 Canadian troops died in total as compared to 19240 British troops killed on the First Day of the Somme) and with little real strategic importance in the grand scheme of things, the battle still holds an honoured place in Canadian history.

For the battle to be forgotten is a travesty. I am sure though, that the 170000 Canadian men who fought there would be comforted by the fact that it is because of their struggle that people are free from the horrors of war, so much so that they forget it. Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it, and Freedom is Never Free.