Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and was arguably the love of his life. Josephine's first husband Alexandre Beauharnais had been guillotined during the terror of the French revolution. Her children with Alexandre would eventually lead to the Third French Empire, as well as the monarchies of Denmark, Sweden and Greece. 

   Josephine was born in 1763 on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean. She married Alexandre through an arranged marriage in 1779. With him she had two children, Eugene and Hortence, though the marriage was unhappy. After Alexandre's execution, Josephine met General Napoleon Bonaparte, six years her junior. They married. 

   Their Marriage was generally happy.It became clear after a few years , though, that she was not going to produce an heir. After the death of the designated heir, Napoleon Charles Bonaparte, in 1807, the need for Napoleon to produce an heir became even more important. Napoleon began looking for suitable European princess.

   When Napoleon found Marie Louise in 1810, he stated that he had "married a womb". Napoleon was still in love with Josephine, and she was given the title of Empress for life, and was given a grand estate. They remained on good terms. Napoleon produced the heir he wanted with Marie Louise. Josephine died at her estate on May 29th 1814.