The Future of Warfare: HMS Ocean

   I know its been a while since I've posted about the war on land, so I'll make a land post next week. 


   HMS Ocean is a an Amphibious Warfare ship of the Royal Navy. Her primary role is to act as a landing ship for a Commando of Royal Marines, and as a helicopter carrier to support land operations. She is capable of supporting fast insert helicopter strikes, not unlike the one that killed Osama Bin Laden. She is meant to widen the power projection of the Royal Navy farther ashore. In that respect she is not unlike HMS Warrior, which in 1860, was equipped with a large amount of small arms, easily move able guns, and a large amount of Royal Marines.

HMS Warrior

   HMS Ocean comes equipped with 18 helicopters, 4 large landing craft, 40 vehicles, 830 Royal Marines, 285 Royal Navy, 180 Fleet Air Arm, and an operating range of 8000 miles. HMS Ocean has participated in a variety of missions; she has assisted with hurricane relief operations in Honduras, Operation Telic (the UK's contribution to Operation Iraqi Freedom), and.... accidentally invaded Spain on February 17th 2002, when she landed a party of Royal Marines on a Spanish beach instead of Gibraltar. She truly deserves her nickname: "the Mighty O"