Landlocked Navies

   Sure, this is about modern navies, but I'm half way through Post Captain and I'm not ready to blog it yet. So here we go.

   There are a bunch of countries out there which are well, landlocked. This doesn't stop them from having naval forces. These forces are mostly small patrol boats charged with protecting national borders, and water ways. Here is a list of some of them:

Azerbaijan: Small fleet of patrol boats on the Caspian

Bolivia: 173 vessels, the largest of any landlocked navy. They patrol Lake Titicacca, as well as having a small naval station at Rosario, Argentina.

Central African Republic: Patrols the Ubangi river, the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kazakhstan: Small force on the Caspian

Laos: They patrol the border with Thailand (the Mekong). Used in counter drug trafficking

Rwanda: Patrols Lake Kivu, saw  action in the Second Congo War

Serbia: With the breakup of Yugoslavia, a fleet of patrol boats were obtained by Serbia, now used in patrolling the Danube.